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Thanks the need to have an internet presence, I have made several websites for my various projects. I mainly uses HTML, CSS, and PHP, but have been known to dabble in other places as well. Here are a few of my personal websites I hope you visit to see how I create dynamic pages for awesome viewing. I do own over 40 domains, and am trying to get several projects off of the ground.
This website is devoted to the storage of my mobile apps and games. All of my games are free to play, and I don't include any in-app purchases (yet). I simply enjoy making games and want people to enjoy playing them. I am in the process of expanding this site.
If you want to play a lot of my games right now, pick up SCP Arcade! It has 15 of my older games (and a few new ones) all in 1 App! A nice collection, and some awesome features like the ability to challenge other people to beat your best score: an early stage my development in making PvP games.
The Viking Bunnies are super cool, and a franchise I am trying to get up off of the ground. Originally a kid's book series, The Viking Bunnies have grown up a little and become a cartoon series I hope to mesh with a very large mobile app. Slow moving, but I really love these guys and feel they have unlimited potential.
Indie Video Games is a website that is not only a website, but also a tool for indie video game developers to use to promote their games, all 100% free to use. In summation: the concept is that developers share the games of other developers to earn points to then buy marketing opportunities on the site. Developers helping developers! Still in an early phase.
I always wanted to make my own 'Super Mario World'-type game, and now I have it! Check out Jobin The Penguin for iOS, complete with 30 huge levels, lots of silly powerups, and fun, cinematic cartoons throughout!
SCP Movies is where I house all of my older, independent work. I cannot really say this is my 'best' work, but a lot of people worked on these movies, skits, and cartoons with me, and they'd like to revisit our own nostalgic past. This site is more 'for fun' than 'for a living'.
A website I made for my friend Max's old show we used to make in high school/college. A nice one-page site with a lot of nostalgia! Drop in if you want to see what I used to do with my free time!
Tweet Garage is a small website that works with an app I designed of the same name. Tweet Garage is an auto-tweeting tool that helps you keep a strong presence on Twitter and Facebook without having to do much work!
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