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Most of my favorite work was done while I was working at the NBC affiliate in San Luis Obispo, CA as a Creative Producer. Since then, practically all of my video editing and video production work was proprietary or private, and I was not allowed to add any of that work to my reel, which is a drag.

I put together an NBC-specific reel because not only was I allowed to keep a majority of the work I created, but I was also given a lot of creative freedom. Most of the clips you see here were not only editing by me, but shot as well (and a few were even written by me!). Enjoy this quick mashup of a few of my favorite spots. For the complete commercial/promo, you can visit my video editing page.
Viking Bunnies Intro - Illustrated, Animated, Scored
Santa Maria Fitness Club - Shot, Edited
KSBY 'Back To The Future' Promo - Shot, Edited, Wrote
KSBY 'Where The Jobs Are' Promo - Shot, Edited
Equilibrium Fitness - Shot, Edited, Wrote
Sunset Honda - Shot, Edited
Canterbury Tails - Shot, Edited
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