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I love video games, and I love making video games. I tell a lot of my 'gamer' friends that once you start making video games, you stop playing. I have always loved mazes and platformers and grew up in love with the old Nintendo Entertainment System. I go by "SCP Games" (www.scpgames.com) and host all my games on that website for download, and I'm always ... always making something new.

Let it be known that I consolidated a lot of my early/old games into one app called SCP Arcade (www.scparcade.com), so if you want to check out a lot of my games at once, I recommend you start there. Plus it allows you to challenge other players, earn SCP Coins, and get on universal leaderboards. In addition to SCP Arcade, check out other huge games like Retro Knight, Jobin The Penguin, Gorpee Kong, Shopping Cart Carnage, Six Pack Man, Kitten Juggling, Bunny Blocks, and more! You can download all of my games at www.scpgames.com.
Notable Game Design/Development moments:
  • Self-taught Flash Actionscript 2.0 in 2005. Began developing Adventures in Chaos City, which in turn was the first video game to be a 'final project' from a graduate of CSU Monterey Bay.
  • Adventures In Chaos City is reskinned to be energy education game Energy Worlds, and almost sold for large profit. Sadly, the purchasing company fails to raise the necessary funds.
  • Created several small browser games for Nourish Interactive in 2006.
  • Adventures In Chaos City is reskinned as Anarchy Island in 2008.
  • First App is finally created in 2014: Erase Invaders. 10 more Apps would be created before the end of 2014. Obviously upgraded to Actionscript 3.0, and melded it with .php very nicely.
  • First App for Nourish Interactive is created in 2014.
  • HR Utility App is created for Roadrunner Sports in 2015.
  • Cannibal! The Musical: The Game, SCP Arcade, and Jobin The Penguin all launch in 2016.
  • Domain www.indievideogames.com is purchased in 2016.
  • Tweet Garage (www.tweetgarage.com) launches in January 2018.
  • Retro Knight (www.retroknight.com) launches in June 2018.
  • Dino Maker (www.dinomaker.com) launches in January 2020.
  • Gorpee Kong launches in April 2020.
  • Future titles may include Anarchy Island, Robot Gardens, SCP Versus, Golf Wars, and Starfish Commandos.
All Apps / Games Developed:

Gorpee Kong is new in 2020! Check out this awesomely-silly platformer!

Retro Knight is here! I am insanely excited about this game.
Pretty much the dream game I always wanted to make.

Tweet Garage is my first 'for sale' App that works as a social
media assistant in your pocket. Based on the version I use for many of my ventures!

This is a trailer for the website. There is no sound so it can autoplay without being annoying.

A commercial I made for marketing purposes. Voiced by my good buddy Max Marple. He ad-libbed a little.

Official trailer for the game.
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