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I think editing is the best part of video and film production. Why? Because you get to be the first to see all the hard work come together. I have been editing video since 1998 on a small, old application called Avid Videomaker, then moving to iMovie when I was still just a Junior in high school, and then moving to Final Cut Pro in 2000. I have been using Final Cut Pro since up to version 7.0, and Premiere Pro as well. I like to think of myself as a "Speed Editor", and received an Emmy Nomination for my editing skills and camera work in 2010.

I really do love all aspects of video production; shooting, directing, and even acting on occasion and there isn't anything that I haven't tried at one time or another. While I have done tons and tons of videos on my own time, most of my professional work (that I can share and post on this website) came from my days at KSBY-TV 6 (NBC) in San Luis Obispo, CA. Most of what you will find here is from those days. I made literally hundreds of promos, commercials, and most of the videos for Cal Poly Athletics.

In all, I have worked for NBC KSBY-TV 6 (Shooter/Editor/Writer : Commercials and Promos), Remilon (Editor/Animator : Educational Videos), VS Athletics (Shooter/Editor : Sports Promos), Clokey Productions (Assistant Editor : Davey And Goliath Christmas Special), Nourish Interactive (Animator/Game Designer : Educational Clips), Corvaso (Lead Editor/Director of Photography : Exercise Videos), ScienceMedia (animator) and of course Smiley Crew Productions (Personal Projects).*

*Please note that I was not allowed to keep/use ANY of my work from Clokey Productions, Corvaso, or ScienceMedia to use in my portfolio. In addition, I was only able to keep a few of my animations from Remilon (Study.com).

Commercials and Promos
Cartoons and Animations
Independent Films/Skits/Toons (www.scpmovies.com)

I was nominated for an Emmy in 2010 for Video Editing and Camera Work. Pretty cool!
Notable Video Production achievements:
  • Began editing video in 1998 on Avid Videoshoppe, 1999 in iMovie, 2000 in Final Cut Pro, 2013 in Adobe Premiere. Made first official Smiley Crew Productions video in 1999.
  • Worked for AGP Video (government broadcasts) as camera operator in 2000 while still in high school.
  • Studied news broadcasting at Cuesta College in 2001.
  • Helped kick off San Luis Obispo Cable Access in 2001 with several comedy-themed 30-minute programs consisting of comedy skits, comedic music videos, and mock talk shows. Earned a small award in 2002 for "Best of The New Show". Shot, wrote, edited, and starred in too many independent films to list, some of which can be found at www.scpmovies.com. (Keep in mind, this is me as a Freshman in college, so don't hold it against me if you think its not professional.)
  • Worked for Clokey Productions (Gumby, Davey and Goliath) in 2003 as Assistant Editor.
  • Indie skit "WSDBA" appears on The Best Damn Sports Show Period in 2003.
  • Indie film "The Risk Taker" rocks SLO Film Festival as a fan favorite. Filmed/edited in just 24 hours.
  • Worked on a wide variety of independent films as editor and camera operator during tenure at CSU Monterey. Began creating Flash animations and cartoons in 2005.
  • Final Cable Access Show "Smiley Crew's Sideshow" airs in 2005.
  • Began working for NBC in 2008. Earned Emmy Nomination in 2010.
  • Began working at Remilon as an animator in 2011. Brought cartoons to the website and trained several other video editors.
  • Began working at Corvaso as Lead Editor and Director of Photography in 2013.
  • Began working at ScienceMedia as an animator in 2014.
  • After a long hiatus from animation (as a personal project), The Viking Bunnies get their first full cartoon in December 2017.
  • Cartoons of all kinds are made for ServiceNow starting in 2018. All internally-facing videos.
Commercials and Promos
NBC Reel
This is a quick 2:00 reel of my work at KSBY. I like to think I show off a variety of editing styles from quick to cinematic to fun to intense to heart-felt to informative.
Santa Maria Athletic Club - Favorite
Shot and edited. One of the last spots I made at KSBY, and one of my favorites by far. I got to play with a lot of color styles and basically make a :30 second music video.
KSBY - "Back To The Future" - Favorite
Wrote, shot, and edited. I tried my best to sneak in as much humor into the news commercials as possible. This was my most successful attempt. Sports guys did a great job with the acting.
KSBY - "Together Again"
Shot, edited, co-wrote. This earned me my Emmy Nomination. Between you and I, I liked "Back To The Future" more, but this is the one KSBY submitted. Long story short: Richard was returning to Morning news with Carina.
KSBY - "Daybreak"
Shot and edited. Richard and Carina again. Simple spot that turned out great. Played with a lot of text effects.
KSBY - "Where The Jobs Are" - Favorite
You couldn't tell just by watching this spot, but I shot this in about five minutes. The 5PM news was just about to start, but I had to get this done. And so ... wham, bam, done.
Cal Poly Football - Jumbotron
This did not appear on TV but instead on Cal Poly's jumbotron before all of their football games. I didn't shoot any of the footage or choose the music, but I had to make do with what they gave me to work with.
Cal Poly Basketball - Live
Like the Football spot, I did not shoot any of the footage, but I had to make a spot. Unfortunately, this spot only aired once, and that was a bummer because it is one of my favorite spots.
Paso Ford #1
Shot and edited. This was a "Mark Wilson" spot (no relation). Mark was an advertising guy who I really synced up with. He made great, sometimes funny spots and gave me a ton of creative freedom.
Paso Ford #2 - Favorite
Shot and edited. Another Mark Wilson spot. This one did not air as they could only pick one spot to air. I prefer it over #1, but it was a bit too calm for Paso Ford's taste. They did have a lot of cars to sell after all.
Sunset Honda #1 - Favorite
Shot and edited. Sunset Honda was a great client to work for as again, they gave me a lot of creative freedom. This is one of my favorite spots I did for them. Played with a lot of motion graphics.
Sunset Honda #2 - Favorite
Shot and edited. Another Sunset Honda spot that is a bit more 'classic'. I made about 4 versions of this spot as I would simply remove the car they were selling with another one.
Sunset Honda #3
Shot and edited. Funny story. They made this spot to let people know that they had cars to sell (this was after the Japan Tsunami). Yet, after this spot aired, they did run out of cars. Guess it worked.
Old Mission School
Shot and edited. A long shoot that paid off greatly. I shot for a few hours, wandering around two different schools while getting footage of kids learning/playing. Good looking spot.
Karen Scott - The Bear
Shot and edited. The bear spot! Okay, to be honest, this is not one of my 'best' spots exactly, but we got to make a commercial with a real bear, so that was fun. Over my 2+ years at KSBY, I was teased about this spot. No one could ever get 'the bear'. Well, one guy finally did, and we finally got to make the now famous 'bear spot'.
Best Care - Vineyard
Shot and edited. Another Mark Wilson Spot. One of my more heart-felt spots. Got to film up at a real vineyard too! Sometimes that KSBY job was really 'tough'.
VS Athletics Promo
Shot, edited, and even music! No script? No cutting/retakes? No problem. I was just recording a photoshoot. Jack (voice guy) explained what was going on, and I turned his words into a Voice Over. Ta da!
Cartoons and Animations
The Viking Bunnies #1 - The Treasure of Butterstuff Island - Cartoon
Wrote. Voiced. Animated. This is the first of many awesome animated adventures of The Viking Bunnies. Look for more on the way in 2018.
The Iliad - Cartoon (Study.com)
Animated. These cartoons could have been way more complex, but I was pretty much given a day to make them. All I had was an audio file. This is one of my favorites. Interestingly enough: no Brad Pitt parodies. That's low-hanging fruit.
The Odyssey - Cartoon (Study.com)
Animated. This was among my favorite videos from Study.com because it was a story and not just a lesson. Allowed me to get a big more ... cinematic. Who doesn't like boxed wine?
Herodontus' War - Cartoon (Study.com)
Animated. In case it wasn't clear, I love parodies. Much like The Odyssey, I had very little time to make this cartoon. I like a little humor with my education (who doesn't?) so it was hard to avoid a "300" parody. I guess sometimes you just have to do the low-hanging fruit.
The Balanced Hike - Cartoon (NourishInteractive.com)
Animated (but not the artist), wrote, and provided many of the voices, and even did the music! This was a fun project for a nutrition education website geared at elementary-aged kids. The original project was scrapped and previous animators rejected. I was hired to redo the concept, writing a whole new script and upgrading their animations.
The Great Grocery Store Adventure - Cartoon (NourishInteractive.com)
Animated (but not the artist), wrote, and provided many of the voices, and even did the music! Nourish Interactive liked my style and asked me to write/animate another cartoon, this time in the grocery store! I had a blast creating the Junk Food Bandits personalities and voices.
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Sunset Honda #1
Sunset Honda #2
Sunset Honda #3
Old Mission School
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Best Care
VS Athletics Promo
The Iliad
The Odyssey
Herodotus' War
The Balanced Hike
The Great Grocery Store Adventure
The Viking Bunnies #1